Horizontal Balers

Horizontal Balers

Heavy duty equipment for high volume environments and needs.

Auto-Tie Series | Sheer Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers


Our Auto-Tie Balers can keep up with high volume applications without ever breaking a sweat.

Every unit is customized to fit your application, with a wide variety of customer adjustable settings.

Fully automatic operation from load to tie reduced labor costs

Auto-Tie Series | Clearance Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers


Auto-Tie  Horizontal Balers for maximum output with minimum labour.

The Clearance Baler is specifically designed for “open materials” such as whole unfolded cardboard boxes, or shredded paper

Fully automatic operation from load to tie reduces labor costs

Closed Door Series


Closed Door units can handle a wide range of products, and can be application engineered toward your specific product.

Automatic ram cycling eliminates a dedicated operator, saving labor costs

Various bale sizes available- choose your bale size

Titan Series


The Titan Series features heavy-duty channel and plate construction with advanced hydraulics and PLC controls.

Applications are custom fit to your specific application and output requirements

Automatic ram cycling saves the labor of a dedicated operator