Used Balers in Mississauga


Used Balers in Mississauga

When dealing with waste materials, some tools make the job much easier. Balers help compress your trash and recyclables into smaller bales that save space and are easier to dispose of later. BaleForce Recycling Equipment offers a wide selection of used balers for sale and rent to help with that job. We aim to give our clients a one-stop service for all your needs, including equipment and services. Give us a ring when you need used balers for rent in Mississauga.

Why Do I Need a Baler?

Simply put, a baler crushes materials (e.g. cardboard, plastic, and cans) into bales that are easier to transport. Being compacted into a regular shape, bales also take up less space, making storage and disposal or recycling easier. Other ways that a BaleForce baler can help you include:

  • Follows regulations - Ontario has its fair share of rules for waste disposal. Using a baler to compress your trash enables you to comply with the regulations and dispose of waste products responsibly.
  • Allows you to economize - Compacting your materials with a baler reduces your volume of garbage and saves money on transportation costs when hauling the trash away for disposal and recycling.
  • Reduces storage needs - Compressing your trash lets you devote less space to storing materials for disposal, allowing you to allocate the space for other needs. More efficient material management also reduces accidents and keeps the workforce safe.

Why Used Balers?

Buying a used baler from BaleForce gives you a lower entry point cost than buying new and the peace of mind that your equipment is in proper working order. Renting one from BaleForce allows you to avoid maintenance costs, and only use it for as long as you need it. Check our wide range of used balers in Mississauga to find one suited to your needs.

When you need used balers to help dispose of trash, contact BaleForce Recycling Equipment at (416) 235-1900. We offer used heavy equipment balers in different sizes to help with your disposal needs. Give us a call when you’re looking for high quality used balers in Mississauga to help with disposing of trash and recyclables.